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By Abraham Kuyper “And there were shepherds in the fields nearby keeping watch over their flock at night.” Luke 2:8 If we should ever be envious, shouldn’t we envy the shepherds out in Bethlehem’s fields? Those men singled out for their exceptionally glorious privilege! The ones awestruck on that holy night by the flood of heavenly glory that no… Read More
By Joseph Sunde Throughout the Christmas season, we are routinely reminded of our “gift nature,” whether through the transfer of presents, the confluence of family gatherings, the creative flurry of plays and performances, or, most importantly, the central story of the One who gives it all meaning in the first place. Christmas is the story of… Read More
By Jordan Ballor On Christmas morning, millions of children all over the world will race downstairs to open presents in eager anticipation. Savvy parents will sometimes wait to put gifts under the tree until Christmas Eve, as curiosity often gets the best of kids in the days leading up to Christmas morning. But even without the physical gifts… Read More
By Lester DeKoster and Gerard Berghoef Have you ever wondered why the Lord puts this order—way, truth, life—on his answer to Thomas’ question? The Lord had said to his disciples that he was going away. In John 14:5, Thomas speaks for them all in asking: “Lord, we don’t know where you are going, so how can we know the way?” Thomas thought that… Read More
By Joseph Sunde As Christians living in a secular age, there’s a temptation to use Christmas as a wedge to wage epic new battles to restore Christendom. But despite the flurry of hackneyed “War on Christmas” tropes, there is, alas, something rather amiss. Though the battlefront may not be a petty replacement of “Merry Christmas” with “happy… Read More
By Dylan Pahman On the Nativity of Jesus Christ, Christians celebrate the birth of the Son of God incarnate to a poor, socially-disgraced couple, in the coldness of a cave, the place of the Christmas manger according to ancient tradition. St. Gregory the Theologian, preaching in the fourth century, describes the mystery this way, “He who gives… Read More