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By Ken Marotte In the coming weeks, a film speculated by many to be Martin Scorsese’s most personal and poignant project to date will release throughout the United States. Silence, based on a 1966 novel of the same name by Japanese Catholic novelist Shusaku Endo, follows two Portuguese Jesuit priests as they journey to 17th century Japan. Their… Read More
By Joseph Sunde “A human kingship imperceptibly came to power, leaving no place for the kingship of Christ.” –Abraham Kuyper The West prides itself on valuing freedom – political, economic, religious, and otherwise. For some, this leads to the promotion of a certain brand of libertinism: the freedom to do what we want. For others, such as Lord… Read More
By Charlie Self Followers of Jesus worship a God who is at once the Almighty and Abba, infinite and personal, uniquely One and a relation of Three, utterly perfect and unchanging in character and nature, full of pathos and personally engaged in every detail of life. Our God is the Source of all that is good about being human: from our creativity… Read More
By Joseph Sunde How are we to be in the world but not of it? How are Christians to live and engage, create and exchange, cultivate and steward our gifts and relationships and resources here on earth? Beyond getting a “free ticket to heaven,” what is our salvation actually for? These questions are at the center of Acton’s film series, For the… Read More
By Jordan Ballor At some point, sooner or later, all new parents experience that moment when they realize that this new little life is their unique responsibility. It can be a bit surreal. Holding your little one, it strikes you that a tremendous gift has been given to you, a gift that brings with it significant and life-altering responsibilities… Read More