Workers and Laborers or Kings and Priests?

By John Bolt

In common usage, the two questions “What are you going to be when you grow up?” and “What are you going to do when you grow up?” are practically interchangeable. Yet, there is a significant difference between them.

The Danger of Self-Chosen Service for God

By Joseph Sunde

In our efforts to serve others and seek justice in the world, we have a remarkable tendency to fall short, no matter how carefully constructed or well intended our plans may be. Across our culture-making endeavors — whether in the family or work, politics and policymaking — we are easily lured by the contours of our own designs.

The Power of Pentecost in Vocation and Globalization

By Joseph Sunde

Given the dynamics of the information age and ever-accelerating globalization, humanity faces a wave of new opportunities and challenges when it comes to creating, collaborating, and consuming alongside those in vastly differing contexts.

The Magic of a Small-Town Barbershop

By Chris Horst

I pushed open the door of Center Court Barbershop and sat down, awaiting my turn. Center Court looked like a proper barbershop should look. Classic swivel chairs lined the mirrors. Longtime patrons, kids and adults alike, chatted about local news. Nobody rushed or hurried, despite the wait.

Work Weaves the Fabric of Civilization

By Lester DeKoster

The fabric of civilization, like all fabrics, is made up of countless tiny threads—each thread the work of someone. Superficially, any given thread might be readily spared or replaced—that could be my job or yours.

Thinking this, we go to work on the margin, so to speak, of culture: Who needs me?

Economic Flourishing Is More Than a Mission Trend

By Charlie Self

Scotty is my mechanic.

He operates an independent shop in Silicon Valley and is in his 40th year in business. He is cheerful, hard working, and operates with great integrity and compassion. He repairs what’s needed, helps customers plan ahead, and gets them on the road efficiently and safely.

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