Exiles in Northern California – A Testimony

Our latest letter comes from Ava and Dan in Northern California. It actually comes from two letters they sent that I’ve edit together. Ava and Dan and their home group truly are “lights in a dark and hurting, but beautiful world.”

Thank you Ava, Dan, and the rest of you all! Your commitment to one another and your community is impacting so many.

Here’s their letter:

Hi there,

The Kates: Saying ‘Yes’ to Family

By Joseph Sunde

Saying “yes” to family involves plenty of love and sacrifice, yet this tends to play out not in grand gestures, but through mundane, everyday struggles.  Saying “yes” to family means lovingencouraging, and blessing each and every day — and not just with our kids or parents, brothers or sisters.

It means pouring into our families that our families might be poured out for the life of the world.

MLK, Jim Crow, and the Rule of Law

By Anthony Bradley

The legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., like that of most mortals, evokes a certain ambivalence regarding what should be celebrated and what should be rightly critiqued. There are certainly parts of his life and thinking that warrant correction, rebuke, and challenge, but this will be true of all us if we live long enough.

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