The Kates: Saying ‘Yes’ to Family

yes to family

By Joseph Sunde

Saying “yes” to family involves plenty of love and sacrifice, yet this tends to play out not in grand gestures, but through mundane, everyday struggles.  Saying “yes” to family means lovingencouraging, and blessing each and every day — and not just with our kids or parents, brothers or sisters.

It means pouring into our families that our families might be poured out for the life of the world.

In Episode 2, we saw a shining example of this in the Zwyghuizen family (otherwise known as “Team Z”). Now, we’ve find another example in the Kates family, who attend Solana Beach Presbyterian Church in California.

In the video below, see how their family is saying “yes” to family and pursuing God’s design for the Economy of Love.

Solana Beach Presbyterian has committed to walking through the film series as an entire congregation over seven months. That’s one whole month per episode! Both children and adults will learn about what it means to live in exile, growing in their understanding of what our salvation is actually for. As the Kates family demonstrates, such learning quickly begins to empower doing, whether in our families, churches, and communities.

If your church is interested in a campaign similar to this, please contact us. We would love to hear your plan and share resources that will empower you in bringing the film series to your area.

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