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By Joseph Sunde Over the last century, Christianity has declined in social influence across much of the Western world, leading many to believe it has little place or purpose in public life. In response, Christian reactions have varied, with the more typical approaches being fortification (“hide!”), domination (“fight!”), or accommodation (“blend… Read More
By Abraham Kuyper If stewardship responsibility applies so strictly in regard to your body, it applies even more decidedly to your mind, to every talent that God has given you in your mind and in your life. “For all things are yours,” the apostle says [1 Cor 3:21]. There is nothing that the subjects of King Jesus may not take up into their lives… Read More
By Joseph Sunde We’ve seen a renewed focus among Christians on the deeper value, meaning, and significance of our daily work, leading to lots of reflection on how we might “find God in the workplace.” As a result, Christians are becoming ever more attentive to things like vocation and calling, looking for transcendent purpose and value in the… Read More
By Ray Nothstine My pastor made a good point in his sermon Sunday that the more secular we become as a nation the less we talk about “abundance.” Instead, the national dialogue of our politics shift to discussions about scarcity. The more materialist and less spiritual we become as a nation, the more inclined we are to fight over the table scraps… Read More
By Jordan Ballor We celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday this week in the United States, and it’s therefore an appropriate time to ponder the gifts we have been given and the gratitude we ought to have for them. It’s easy to do these things at this time of year, but it is also appropriate to note that we ought to think about the gifts of God’s… Read More
By Chris Horst Are banking and charity incongruent? I hope not, because I’ve invested my career in an organization that believes they are congruent. The prevailing public opinion, though, is that they are indeed incongruent. We believe, if anything, banking victimizes vulnerable people. From the subprime mortgage crisis to the Indian… Read More