The PovertyCure Zine: Celebrating the Human Factor

The PovertyCure Zine: Celebrating the Human Factor image

By Joseph Sunde

In For the Life of the World, we explore the shape of healthy Christian engagement across cultural spheres, asking what it looks like to be in but not of the world. Looking more closely at the “human factor” that underlies all of this, the Acton Institute’s PovertyCure series offers a fitting complement.

We are made in the image of God — co-creators fashioned to contribute and collaborate, serve and innovate, trade and exchange. Thus, in our efforts to transform those spheres of culture, particularly when it comes to poverty alleviation, it is crucial that our social action and solution-seeking align with God’s design for the human person.

PovertyCure has contributed much to this conversation through currculumblogsfilm interviews, and an acclaimed documentary on foreign aid. Now, to further the conversation yet again, they have released a new digital magazine, aiming to paint the picture of human flourishing more fully, highlighting stories of how people around the world are grabbing hold of the transcendent truths of liberty and virtue.

Jonathan Moody, managing director of PovertyCure, explains the vision:

[The magazine] is designed to give you, the reader, a moment to step away from your busy life, get lost in beautiful images from around the world and get pulled into personal stories from individuals working to make their society more free and virtuous. In other words, it’s a chance for us to pause and remind ourselves why we do what we do. And our hope is that this dynamic, highly visual medium will inspire you with a bigger picture in every area: theological, academic, economic, personal.

The PovertyCure Zine was birthed out of a desire to take our conversation beyond the every day  to offer more than a series of tweets or Instagram tiles. So we invite you on a written journey that spans the United States, Guatemala, the cinema and the small group. We celebrate with you, the human factor, that human beings are created in the image of God and designed to flourish.

Articles include explorations on bottom-up economic transformation in Guatemala, the differences between “alleviating poverty” and “creating prosperity,” and the power of micro-enterprise.

You can read the magazine here. It’s free!

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