Wonder Rush – Coffee, Work, and Showing Up

Coffee, Work, and Showing Up

I first met Karl Fisher, founder of Alabaster Coffee Roaster + Tea Company, while dancing in a hotel lobby with a handful of college kids. It was during the annual Jubilee conference in Pittsburgh. Having made a glorious fool of myself, I looked over to see his face curiously peering from around a booth. We chatted a bit, and then a bit more over the duration of the conference. I was blown away by what he was doing in the small-ish town of Williamsport, PA. I was even more blown away a few weeks later when he sent me some coffee. It was an exquisite gift and beautiful ministry. I knew I had to share his story with you, strangers and friends. Watch/listen to the video and behold the stills and video from his shop, too.

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Killer Stickers for Alabaster.


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Alabaster Coffee Roaster & Tea Co. from Alabaster Coffee on Vimeo