• Wonder Rush – Eyes that See

    ArtPrize is happening here in Grand Rapids. What that is, you can click or tap the hyperlink to find out, but basically is the world’s largest public art competition, and it gives away a chunk of money to the best art. So, for three weeks, there’s art installations all over the downtown area (2 square miles…or is it 4…it doesn’t matter there are art and people everywhere). That’s all you need to know.

    That said, I got a chance to take three days off and take it all in with an organization called Into the Noise. I won’t tell you what they’re all about. Again, you can find out yourself by clicking/tapping the link., but they provided the perfect community for experiencing the wonder. They do the same for film festivals, too (Sundance, SXSW, TIFF, to name a few). Check them out.

    Through Into the Noise, I met artist Billy Mark, a Los Angeles transplant now living in Detroit. He blew my mind. Meeting him was almost exactly like meeting the Stranger in Episode Four…the dude even crashed on my couch. It’s his music you’ll be hearing in this Lo-Fi Wonder Rush. To get his music go here. To visit his website, go here. You won’t be sorry.

    All that said, this will be my last post on Justice and Order for a bit. Surrounded by all this art, I realized it takes a lot of time and patience and commitment to experience art. There’s no tangible, quantifiable outcome to taking time out to behold and contemplate. You’re just, sort of, approaching mysteries (art, creations) and seeing and hearing what they have to say.  I can’t help but think that this is where Justice and Order need to start–with beauty, with taking time to listen to it, appreciating it. It seems like the most unlikely of places to start, but I have a good reason to believe it is true.  Watch this Lo-Fi, iPhone-captured offering, and see why.

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