• The Useless Video

    What does it take to truly behold? What does it mean to be still? Where does God’s Economy of Wonder begin? Answer: In getting useless. Here’s how.

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    • Drew L. Peterson

      You are so fun to watch. Thank you for the gift, the theology of love.

      • FLOW_Evan

        Thanks! And you’re welcome, Drew! And thanks for reading/watching, too. Give the silence a go!

        • Drew Leffler Peterson

          Would you be interested in visiting Traverse City and meeting our twentysomething group?

          • FLOW_Evan

            Oh yeah! Totally! Hit up events@letterstotheexiles.com with some dates and what you’re thinking!

            • Drew Leffler Peterson

              Will do. Thanks!

    • Scott Gourlay

      I really
      enjoyed the video. Your timing is
      excellent, sharp and not hitting over the head.
      It was a lot of fun and insightful.
      I would love to meet you. I have travelled fifteen years with a
      Christian drama company, most of the time in South America, now I am living in

      We are
      trying to make ends meet and feel that God has a purpse for us to be here, but
      it is a real struggle. I miss the sense
      of community and working together. I
      have been getting increasingly restless feeling like no one else cares.

      approach to faith in a concrete passionate and thoughtful has been an
      inspiration to me. I feel like I am
      coming out of a long dry isolation. If
      you are planning to come to ‘Europe please let me know.


      • FLOW_Evan

        Hallo, Kevin!

        Wow, man! I am humbled. Thank you for reaching out. The struggle IS real, that is for sure. I’m glad the clouds are parting a bit and hopefully for a while. YOUR timing is impeccable, too, my friend! While you’re in Germany, see if you can hunt down a copy of Josef Pieper’s Leisure: The Basic of Culture. Josef is German and I’m certain you’ll find more copies there than here…maybe even some really cool ones, too!

        He’s the theologian I quoted at the end of this video. :-) That book has some remarkable insights that may salve your soul. It can be a bit heady at times, but when his stuff lands, it really hits home.

        If I’m ever in Germany, you are on my list of people find!


    • Joy

      WOAH! I feel like a Christian hippie right now. Maybe I just need more sleep……..:)
      I am intrigued as to where you go with this. I think I’ll get this after I’m done with my classes for the week. I’ll make hot cocoa, home made caramel for a pot of coffee, fresh popcorn, build a fire, grab my husband, and we will enjoy the ‘muse’ in amusement, which you have so graciously provided with our Creator as your foundation. What better way to spend a day away from crazy. WOOHOO! Thank you! (I totally just re-read that……..I definitely need to sleep tonight!)
      So, I do have a question. Do you include anything which details the necessity of power of the Holy Spirit, within us – So, we are are more capable in the world, to influence it the way that the power of the Holy Spirit influenced those in the New Testament?
      Just curious……….
      Thank you again!

      • FLOW_Evan

        Hi Joy, Sorry, I’m just getting to this. Usually I get notified when there’s a comment posted. Not so this time. First question, did you get through your classes? Second question, did you get useless? How’d it go?

        Regarding the Holy Spirit, we start from a place that as believers in Jesus, the Holy Spirit already dwells in us. I think you’re on to something, however, in speaking more about that.

        • Joy

          I totally hear you! Gotta love technology! My dad nailed it when he told me once, “I don’t want email, or a text message. I want a card, an actual thought out, hand written, card.” He blesses us kids each month, (instead of waiting until he dies, to leave an inheritance, he wants to be a blessing now, and so he sends us a check each month), and he said, “People don’t write anymore. They copy and paste. They use technology. It’s a shame.”

          We’ve become human doings, instead of human beings.

          That’s why I can appreciate what you do, to show people it doesn’t take huge efforts if it’s something that is natural. That’s when the fruit of Spirit comes into play. If everything we are doing, is in our own strength, it’s “Vain glory” – It’s speaking of the pride that comes from a person trusting in self-effort.
          Andrew Wommack’s Living Commentary.

          I’m finishing up on “Ministry of Jesus” and “Basics of Righteousness”. Last qtr I took “Fruit of the Spirit” and Sure Foundation. (WOW – learned a lot about what really knowing what our philosophy is, as Christians, not as religious people, but as people who know the truth, the truth has set us free, and now we want to be a blessing to others around us. Not just live in the world, and be in a bubble, or live our lives, in a way where no one can even tell we’ve been set free.” We need to show God’s heart to the lost, and not just show them so they get saved and stuck. But so they can be discipled in the Word, and in turn grow their relationships, like we are growing ours with them. that’s what it’s all about. I love it!!!!!

          Loved useless! I’m buying your videos on payday! It will be wonderful!

          What we are and who we are, is different now that we are born again. The sin in our lives never impacts God’s love for us. He will always love us, no matter what. He died one time, for the past present and future sins we have and will commit. So, our vertical relationship is 100% intact. It does affect how we are able to love Him. (I never realized that before. But the more sin conscious we are, the greater hold that sin has on our lives. If we can just come to Him, without feeling guilty, without thinking we aren’t worthy, it allows us to experience Him, without our feelings getting in the way, and causing us to doubt His love for us. Does that make sense? Like a woman cheating on her husband. He can forgive her, fully, with no thought of it again, because true love won’t keep harping on it, or bringing it up, or making them the butt of their sarcastic jokes. it will forgive 100%, and by doing that, it’s not fed, (after all, everything is a see – And a seed needs to be nourished). Now if their lives are great, but she hasn’t been able to let it go, because she is nourishing guilt, and constantly is remembering that, then until she is set free from it, she will always wait for the bottom to drop, wonder if today he will tell her he can’t look at her anymore. God never does that. He forgave and forgot. We are the ones who want to keep bringing it up. And if we stay in sin, it causes us to have that constant guilt (in the back of our minds, if anything), when we come to Him.

          Our problem is that we try to fix us, ourselves, instead of just letting Him love us, and renewing our minds with His Word. His Word will dilute our flesh, to the point where our Spirit is the only thing that is real in our lives. We won’t even give our flesh a second thought, because we are caught up in Him, instead of listening to how awful the news is, watching horrible commercials that tell us one curse right after the other, listening to the everyday gossip at work, fueling our emotions with music that’s full of lie after lie after lie. Those words are powerful. They are seeds. We were created by Words. And life an death are in the power of the tongue.

          It’s our horizontal relationships (us and the world) that really show our fruit. We have the root, which is Christ, but it’s the fruit we bear that shows the strength we have in our relationship with the Lord.

          We have the Word of God alive in us. And renewing our minds day and night will dilute the world’s hold on us. We are new creatures in Christ. But the world needs to see that. They need to see there is a difference between a lost man and one who has found out the truth. The truth was never lost. God was never lost. So, we don’t ever ‘find’ God. He’s known where He was and where we were all along. He was just waiting on us to listen to that still small voice, the quietness, the wooing, when we sit in our backyard, with our eyes closed, loving Him, being Him to the world. Sitting in our car in a parking lot, because it’s mad crazy at the moment. So, we just rest in His presence and let Him minister to us. He loves when we worship. He loves that we recognize His part in our lives. But at the same time, sometimes, He wants in on the conversation. He is waiting on us to be still, so He can minister to us, and we can KNOW that HE IS GOD!

          This has been an amazing few years. Our family has been through so much, it would make Jerry Springer blush. But I promise you. God has never changed. HE has never taken a break from us. He has always been present. And never with a stern look or a pointed finger, or chastising us. He has simply waited on us, to stop, take a deep breath, and KNOW that HE IS GOD.

          My son will come back to Lord.

          My son is a blessing and will see that very soon. Of this, I AM SURE! He is the heritage of the Lord.

          He will see what a blessing it was to have parents that love him, instead of thinking that he was ready to be on his own (He dropped out of school, spent over a year being locked up, and is now wondering what his next meal will be, along with the others that ‘know better than to live with their parents at the age of 17′).

          My husband’s work is steady, and we have a roof over our heads.

          This will be the year we get our ‘miracle baby/babies’.

          My mother in law will come to the truth that she doesn’t have to be saved and stuck. She can experience God’s fullness in this life, his blessings, in this life, instead of thinking that sickness is just a given, because we live in a fallen world. Yes, we live in a fallen world. But WE are not of this world. We have Christ, living in us:

          (Colossians 1:27 (KJV) 27 To
          whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery
          among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory:)

          God wants to give us a supernatural revelation of Christ in us. I am saying, “Amen, so be it.” And now that the Lord wants to reveal this to us, it is no longer a mystery. This secret, or mystery, has been unsealed.

          In Ephesians 1:15-23, Paul prayed a prayer for the Ephesians’ revelation of the very thing he mentioned here.

          2 Thessalonians 2:14 says we have been called “to the obtaining of the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

          Andrew Wommack’s Living Commentary.

          That’s powerful stuff!
          God is good. And we are conquerors in this world.
          Thank you so much for inspiring so many to be MORE, by being LESS, sometimes.

          • Joy

            Can you tell I was in discussion mode, in my schooling. LOL
            Sometimes, I go onto Yahoo News where people are being just awful!!!!!!!! And I chime in with what I’m learning in the Word. If they can praise their gods with their words, I can praise mine, with my words, lol. Plus they really need to hear the voice of reason from a Christian who isn’t being hateful, but instead is looking at the real root of what’s causing the drama. When we do it in love, it ministers to even those who have a hardened heart towards the Lord.

      • Guest

        Can you tell I was in discussion mode, in my schooling. Sometimes, I go onto Yahoo News where people are being just awful!!!!!!!! And I chime in with what I’m learning in the Word. If they can praise their gods with their words, I can praise mine, with my words, lol. Plus they really need to hear the voice of reason from a Christian who isn’t being hateful, but instead is looking at the real root of what’s causing the drama. When we do it in love, it ministers to even those who have a hardened heart towards the Lord.

    • Bill Donaghy


      Evan, thank you. I’m researching and building a course on the Way of Beauty, stumbled onto your blog, and you just confirmed and totally affirmed my points for the opening lecture. How did you do that? Dr. Peter Kreeft has been one of our faculty members at the Institute as well! Praise God for the useless beauty you’re bringing into the world. Woohoo!

      “Along side our technological civilization, highly practical and utilitarian, there is another culture growing, the Culture of the Spirit, and there “useless” and seemingly “gratuitous” values are cultivated. In this spiritual culture, values grow until we arrive at the moment when the category of useful-useless is left far behind. We then discover the one thing which, according to the Gospel, is “useless” but absolutely “necessary.”
      – Paul Evdokimov, THE ART OF THE ICON, A Theology of Beauty

      • FLOW_Evan

        Whoa! Thank you! I want to take your course, and thanks for sharing the quote!

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