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    Trees of the Field

    Today I’m reposting an article I wrote earlier this week  for The Gospel Coalition (TGC). They’re doing some great things over there, and especially in the realm of Faith & Work. The more I think about the nature of work in God’s mission for the world, the more I’m struck by what we can learn from trees–yes, I just wrote “trees.”

    Read on and enjoy!

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    Trees of the Field: Thoughts on Work

    I got my first “job” when I was 10 years old. To keep me out of trouble and my babysitter sane, my parents made me clean the gunk out of the cracks on our back deck with a paring knife. With a simple power washer, or even a Shop-Vac, the task would have taken maybe an hour. With a paring knife, though . . . well, more than 20 years later, I’m still not done. My only respites from the digging were afternoon baseball games, where I’d constantly strike out at the plate. It was a great summer.

    To read the rest, head on over to TGC!

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    • Cindy

      In reading through the Bible in a year (Chronological Study Bible) Ezekiel’s ministry/work is to the exiles :) The notes say that he engaged in symbolic actions that communicated the divine message to the exilic community…. Ezekiel would have loved you Evan :)

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