• Three Reasons I Will Never Set Out to Save the World


    Behold, a repost of mine from a year ago for Q Ideas! It has a lot to do with our activity in the world: 1) what we do, 2) what we think we do, and 3) what God actually does. Maybe you’re like me and sometimes you put a lot of pressure on yourself to get out and DO SOMETHING! as if the fate of the entire world is in your hands.

    Now, don’t misread me, here. There is much of the Lord’s work to be done here in exile. The reality is, however, that the fate of the world is exactly where it needs to be: with God. It’s not with us. By his grace, he calls us to co-operate with him. What’s left for us, then, is to remember who we are in him and offer that grace to the world. And what might that look like? 

    Here’s the article:

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    I must confess: the only time I ever really think about saving the world is when I leave the grocery store. I’m overcome with the strangest feeling that I am Superman. It’s not because I’ve successfully navigated the gauntlet of aisles, the food samples and checkout lines. It’s simply just because.

    For some reason, I pretend that I’m Superman and that someone, somewhere, is in great distress. Of course, there’s only one thing to do: take action…

    To read more check out the article here at QIdeas.org.


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