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  • Exiles in Northern California – A Testimony

    Our latest letter comes from Ava and Dan in Northern California. It actually comes from two letters they sent that I’ve edit together. Ava and Dan and their home group truly are “lights in a dark and hurting, but beautiful world.” Thank you Ava, Dan, and the rest of you all! Your commitment to one […]

  • Eureka Moments from New York – Testimony

    We’ve got another testimony for you. This one is from Judilynn Niedercorn in rural New York! For her, FOR THE LIFE OF THE WORLD led to many wonderful “eureka moments.” I had to share some parts from her story. Enjoy! Hello Evan, strangers and friends!!! Oh my gosh! I have stories! Letters to the Exiles was […]

  • From Across the Pond – A Testimony

    Hello from England! We came across FLOW via a PhD candidate (@jakebelder) who helped some research for our recent I LOVE MY CITY series in Genesis 1-4 focussed on helping us “to express the goodness of God across our city.” We’re a 12 year old ‘Newfrontiers’ church in a city of about 100000 people in […]

  • All Is Gift – A Letter (and Poem) FROM An Exile

    Hello Strangers and Friends, We’ve been getting your letters, emails, and stories from all over the world. Yes, I said “the world!” Wow! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Keep them coming. The first letter I want to share from an exile comes from Emma in Monee, IL.  She is a resilient and wildly creative 17-year-old young […]

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