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    Stephen Grabill, the man with the plan, wrote an incredible article for The Gospel Coalition on the mission of the Church in the world. It’s a deeper look into FOR THE LIFE OF THE WORLD’s Episode Seven: FEAST. Ladies and gentlemen, strangers and friends: Stephen Grabill.

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    Although Christians across denominational lines often use stewardship language to describe our calling to live out God’s mission in the world, what we mean theologically by “stewardship” varies greatly across religious traditions. Some think stewardship is tithing; others think it means volunteering or living a simple lifestyle. Still others identify stewardship with environmental conservation, social action of some kind or another, charitable giving, or making disciples through evangelism.

    Each of these good and necessary activities points to an essential facet of stewardship, but each—on its own—falls shy of capturing the inspiring vision of biblical stewardship as a form of whole-life discipleship that embraces every legitimate vocation and calling to fulfill God’s mission in the world. In this sense, holistic stewardship, transformational generosity, workplace ministry, business as mission, and the theology of work movement all share a common point of origin in the biblical view of mission as whole-life discipleship. In other words, the essence of stewardship is about finding your place—that is, all the dimensions of your many callings—in God’s economy of all things (oikonomia).

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    • Gareth

      We need to see serving the world and bring the kingdom as important as any kind of christian gathering. Who says gatherings need to be weekly. Imagine once a month, and the time, energy spent on the weekly would be reserved for communion gatherings where once a month we unite under the name of Jesus and find out what each other has been up to, and sing new songs because we are overwhelmed at what has happened in the month as we have had the time energy and permission to live it out. Oikos – family – should be the focus family and extended family is the way we spread the kingdom subtly like yeast. The once a month or every other would be great celebrations where all the oikos come together and hear how God is growing his kingdom. That day is a great celebration and everyone has energy to do it with excellence, as they have not been burdened every week to create theatre. We hear, we share, we worship we feast, we celebrate, and we invite the many we have got to know as a result of the time every weekend we were in the work but not of it!!!!!!!! Just thoughts – Oikos -oikos – oikos -oikos join together to celebrate the way God has worked in the oikos.

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