• The Messy Vlog

    There’s not a lot of differences between family and manure (or making a vlog post about family and manure, as it turns out). It’s bound to get messy. Watch and see…


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    • gleiphart

      What a great start. The bags under your eyes looked so real. Even God’s plan for our salvation needed to start here with a family. That is so reassuring to remember.

    • Bob Cofield

      Great message–thankful He enters the mess and uses families to accomplish that. Also thankful He enters my messes and grateful you were willing to make an artful mess to make that point.

    • Cindy

      An absolutely marvelous, much needed message, a reminder that has been found by few. Thank you Evan soooo much! The big picture is such a relief!!! It makes me laugh out loud! Praying that it opens up the discussion so needed among the members of the body of Christ!

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