• Lessons from the Baby Jesus

    This week we remember and rejoice; the Savior has been born! Strangers and friends, pay attention and live out the Christ-Child Memory. Curious about what that means? Hint: it doesn’t mean swapping your mattress for hay. Check it.


    Oh, and Merry Christmas, everyone!


    Evan and the entire FLOW Family!

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    • gleiphart

      Thank you. We can always count on you, Evan, and your team to come through with something outside the box and challenge us. Wishing you, your family, and the multitude of people behind the scenes who make this possible a very Blessed Christmas.

      • FLOW_Evan

        Thank you, friend. Likewise. I’m make sure to pass this on!

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    • Michael

      I was Billy. But I’m better now.

      • FLOW_Evan

        You’ve survived! For that I am grateful…and amazed. Merry Christmas!

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