• Wonder Rush – Jars of Clay, Evan, and Hopkins – LIVE

    The guys from Jars of Clay and I were in Pittsburgh this week for show for the Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation. It was intimate and powerful and awesome-sauce. We opened the show with a screening of Episode 6: The Economy of Wonder.

    Between sets, the guys let me on stage to talk about “For the Life of the World” (FLOW) for a bit. Then they accompanied my reciting of Gerard Manley Hopkins poem, “As Kingfishers Catch Fire” with one of their new songs (and a personal favorite) “Ghost in the Moon.”

    Jars wrote “Ghost” specifically for FLOW and you can get it on their new fan-curated album “20.” Nab it here.

    Here’s a snippet of the poem and the entirety of  “Ghost in the Moon” from the evening.


    Here’s the Wonder Rush with “Kingfishers” as well as a breakdown of it by Evan:

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