• Immigration, Refugees, and Candlesticks

    Hello Strangers and Friends,

    As heated talks on immigration flare up and the horrible injustice of the refugee crisis rages in the Middle East, let us renew our minds once more. Let us remember what it means to pursue justice and harmony. Let us truly participate in God’s shalom for the world. These movements of peace require our presence. They require our love, vulnerability, and fearlessness. They require grace and sacrifice. They require HOSPITALITY.

    So let us open our hearts and minds and make God’s justice a reality. Let us open the doors of our homes, our churches and parishes, our country. Let us welcome those who are weary and have no home. Let us welcome the stranger and continue to say “yes” to the mystery of God’s plan.

    Remember, Christ was a stranger, too. What’s more, while we were exiled and strangers to God, Christ gave himself for us.

    To see what I mean, check out the Bishop’s Candlesticks from Episode 4: The Economy of Order.


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    • Carolina Hinojosa

      Now that’s a good word. Thanks for sharing this post.

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