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    This week Bethany Jenkins, director of TGC’s Every Square Inch and the founder of The Park Forum, wanted to chat. We talked about work in a Gig Economy, the power of storytelling, and God’s faithfulness. 

    Enough of my yapping, though. Here’s the interview.

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    How do you describe your work, what you do every day?

    What do you call someone who mostly writes but also acts and makes stuff (videos, artifacts)? This used to trouble me. I’d picture my mom sitting with her friends, talking about what their kids did. She’d be sweating the whole time, not knowing what to say when they got to her. (I mean, if I didn’t know how to describe my work, how could she?) Then, I had an epiphany. I realized that everything I did was born out of a story or was a story itself. I realized I was a storyteller. Of course, I called my mom immediately.

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