• Getting Useless Again – A Reminder

    Hello Strangers and Friends!

    On this week’s “Free Film Wednesday,” Flannel played one of my favorite episodes – Episode 6: The Economy of Wonder. In keeping with the theme, I’ve decided to repost one of our most popular videos…the “Useless Video.” Being a people who can behold with the eyes of God means taking time to “behold our God, behold his creation” as Makoto Fujimura says in the episode. It means quieting ourselves in his presence and receiving him. The “Useless Video” helps us consider why and how this is possible.


    Music in this video, and in For the Life of the World, is courtesy of Saltbreaker. Check out their brilliant work here.

    Bonus points if you can name the tune at the beginning of the video. It’s one of my favorite songs.

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    • Cindy

      Perfectly said… thank you Evan :)

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