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    Hello, مرحبا, Hallo, Ciao, こんにちは, Salut, Strangers and Friends!

    There’s a lot of stuff happening in the FLOW World as of late. I just got finished speaking at Grand Rapids Christian Middle School. We talked about love and gift-giving and dancing and the Triune God. It was pretty awesome. And, I’m realizing I forgot to take pictures…

    jubilee professional

    Later this week I’ll be in Pittsburgh attending Jubilee and Jubilee Professional with Episode 4 scholar, Dr. Anthony Bradley, and my friends at the Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation. It’s hard to believe that we premiered FLOW there one year ago. So much has happened!

    After Pittsburgh, it’s on to Asbury University with Chief Exploration Officer, Dwight Gibson. He’ll be speaking at the seminary and I’ll be speaking at the college. We’ve been prepping over the last few weeks for all these visits, and we’re just now coming up for air.

    Which leads me to the point of this post…


    Subtitles for 13 languages!

    Right now, I’m writing you all NOT to discuss more content from Episode 7: Church (did you read last week’s post about lived memory? I’m a bit biased, but it totally worth a read), but to give you some updates about FLOW itself.

    Perhaps you noticed all the languages I used to welcome you this missive (English, Arabic, German, Italian, Japanese, and French)? That’s because, as of today, FLOW is available for international distribution.

    We are officially offering DVDs of FOR THE LIFE OF THE WORLD: LETTERS TO THE EXILES with subtitling in 13 languagesArabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish. We’re extremely excited for FLOW to be seen all over the world and can’t wait to get feedback from our brothers and sisters in places like Italy, France, Brazil, and the Middle East.

    To purchase the new DVD for just $25.00, head over to our store. And don’t fret, FLOW DVDs will play in any region. Also, if you have friends in other parts of the world, make sure to tell them we probably have FLOW in their language. Maybe even pick a copy yourself and send it to them as a gift!

    Now, I’ve have to get packing for Pittsburgh…and brush up on my German–the two are not related. Remember: All is gift! Or as they say in Portuguese,  “Tudo é dom.”

    Auf Wiedersehen!


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    • Michael

      Alabama. You want to go to Alabama.

    • Drew Henderson

      Kansas City? Anyone?

    • http://m-siemens.de/ Markus Siemens

      Will there also be a Bluray version available?

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