• Chalk Art for the Life of the World

    In his review of For the Life of the World: Letters to the Exiles, Andy Crouch noted its artistic merits, observing how well it conveyed “deeply Christian themes in widely accessible ways.” “I can only hope that many of us will indeed watch and learn,” he writes, “and that we will then give ourselves away, as skillfully, promptly, and sincerely as these filmmakers have done, for the life of the world.”

    In response to the series, other artists are joining in on that endeavor. Inspired by each episode, Kayla Waldron, artist and founder and creator of PennyHouse Creative, has created some beautiful chalk art to capture the major themes of the series. Both individually and taken together, the pieces aptly illustrate the grand design and beauty of God’s economy of all things.

    She’s been sharing them on her Instagram and Facebook feeds, and I’ve re-posted them below for your enjoyment.

    Episode 1: Exile


    Episode 2: The Economy of Love


    Episode 3: The Economy of Creative Service


    Episode 4: The Economy of Order


    Episode 6: The Economy of Wonder


    Episode 7: The Church


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