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    I got to talk to Joshua Rogers, a writer for Boundless.org, last week about For the Life of the World (FLOW), and I’ve got to say, it was one of the funnest interviews to date. If you haven’t checked out the series yet, here’s his take on why you should (so you don’t have to take my word for it, anymore).

    I’ll shoot straight with you: I really struggle with a lot of Christian movies, music and TV shows that try to teach biblical truths. A lot of it is so heavy-handed that it only appeals to evangelical audiences looking for an altar call at the end, or it’s so seeker-friendly that it’s not much deeper than the theology you might find in a movie on the Hallmark Channel. Recently, however, I stumbled across the trailer for the film series, For the Life of the World, and I was intrigued. It not only looked cool — almost too cool — it purported to be a series about how the Gospel relates to things like love, creative service, order, wisdom and wonder (that’s a tall order)…Read the rest of review here!


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    • http://www.SpiritualKlutz.com/ Joshua Rogers

      Thanks, bro. It was a pleasure to speak with you as well. I want as many people as possible to see those films.

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