• Stewarding God’s Mission in the World – Guest Post

    Introducing Stephen Grabill

    A Brief Interruption Stephen Grabill, the man with the plan, wrote an incredible article for The Gospel Coalition on the mission of the Church in the world. It’s a deeper look into FOR THE LIFE OF THE WORLD’s Episode Seven: FEAST. Ladies and gentlemen, strangers and friends: Stephen Grabill. . . . Although Christians across denominational […]

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  • How God Shows Up in a Gig Economy – The Gospel Coalition

    Evan Pic

    This week Bethany Jenkins, director of TGC’s Every Square Inch and the founder of The Park Forum, wanted to chat. We talked about work in a Gig Economy, the power of storytelling, and God’s faithfulness.  Enough of my yapping, though. Here’s the interview. .     .     . How do you describe your work, […]

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