• Behold – An Exercise

    Hello Strangers and Friends!

    Happy New Year!

    I had this idea to start the first full week of the new year with an exercise in beholding, being still, breathing. Care to give it a try? Just watch the video. It might feel weird at first, but who knows…maybe it’ll be good. If you’re really feeling adventurous, turn out the lights and throw on some headphones before you hit play. Or maybe hit mute!



    “Beholden” by Jars of Clay for For the Life of the World

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    • Steve

      When i first began looking at the candle, it was just a light. As time went on, it became, for me, a symbol of THE light, Jesus Christ. I began to praise God for everything, especially Jesus. I was expecting something greater to happen. Then it went out, and my spirit screamed, “NOOOOOOOO”! I felt like Christ had been taken from me!
      Praise God that 3 days later, he arose, his mission complete, and a great plan put in place. The plan of Salvation.
      I cling to the promise and hope of salvation, knowing that i will see Jesus face to face some day. What a wonderful, glorious day that will be!! Praise God! (and pass the light to someone else!)

      • FLOW_Evan

        Very insightful, Steve! Thanks for sharing and for exercising, too! Have a great day!

    • Luke Mackie

      Hey Evan. Is there anyway that I can download the song “Beholden” in the background? I think it is beautiful. And I absolutely loved the series by the way. Just finished it as a church group type thing with our youth ( I’m 17 and we are located in Cape Town, South Africa) and it was really life changing. I look at my life and the world with a whole new perspective now and really have been massively inspired by the series. Let the glory go to God for His great work through you guys

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