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    Hello friends and strangers,

    In keeping with our theme this month of family and our FOR THE LIFE OF THE WORLD (FLOW) Family, check out this oldie-but-goodie about family, manure, and when thing get messy. Later this week, we’ll start posting testimonials from our FLOW family, too. You’ll be able to read about how FLOW is impacting families, small groups, and churches all around the country…and maybe even the world!


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    • matrix5252

      As Evan stated in the vlog, Jesus came to us through a family…not on a cloud or anyone other cool and amusing way (perhaps a new x-games…hmm), but through a simple yet miraculous means of entering mortal life. Let us simply embrace the life that we’ve been given today to bring life to others in such a way that shows the love of Christ, even through the piles of manure that sit at our feet. Let’s use the stickiness of the materials we have at our disposal for the glory of God and the Life of the World!

      • FLOW_Evan


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