Monthly Archives: September 2015

  • Oikonomia in Exile – Video Testimonial

    Hello Strangers and Friends, I’ve got to share another testimonial from out there in exile. This missive and beautiful video comes from Emily Archer and her beautiful family. She shares it with us in hopes that their story “will impact others to use their gifts for the life of the world.” She writes, “The term ‘oikonomia’ […]

  • Immigration, Refugees, and Candlesticks

    Hello Strangers and Friends, As heated talks on immigration flare up and the horrible injustice of the refugee crisis rages in the Middle East, let us renew our minds once more. Let us remember what it means to pursue justice and harmony. Let us truly participate in God’s shalom for the world. These movements of […]

  • Ten Thousand Places

    “For Christ plays in ten-thousand places…” Let’s try and notice each and every one.

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