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  • The Trinity in the Household – Another Letter from an Exile

      Hello Strangers and Friends! Our mailbox keeps on getting filled with letters from you, and all we can say is “thank you, thank you, thank you.” Please keep sending them in! It’s awesome hearing your thoughts and stories, just like in this letter from exile Carolina Hinojosa. She wrote this to us after viewing […]

  • Balthasar and Beauty

    “Beauty is the word that shall be our first. Beauty is the last thing which the thinking intellect dares to approach, since only it dances as an uncontained splendor around the double constellation of the true and the good and their inseparable relation to one another. Beauty is the disinterested one, without which the ancient […]

  • All Is Gift – A Letter (and Poem) FROM An Exile

    Hello Strangers and Friends, We’ve been getting your letters, emails, and stories from all over the world. Yes, I said “the world!” Wow! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Keep them coming. The first letter I want to share from an exile comes from Emma in Monee, IL.  She is a resilient and wildly creative 17-year-old young […]

  • Another Nice Mess

    Hello friends and strangers, In keeping with our theme this month of family and our FOR THE LIFE OF THE WORLD (FLOW) Family, check out this oldie-but-goodie about family, manure, and when thing get messy. Later this week, we’ll start posting testimonials from our FLOW family, too. You’ll be able to read about how FLOW is […]

  • You’ve Been Accepted–to the School of Love!

    Hello Strangers and Friends, This month (August) is going to be all about family – and stories from our collective family. That means we’re going to be talking about what love and family is really all about AND sharing your stories here on the blog. Thank you for sending in all your stories, too! And keep […]

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