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  • Living Out Creative Service

    Hello Strangers and Friends, I overheard a story last week at Acton University (a 4-day conference from Acton Institute that offers a smorgasbord of courses, seminars, and chats about economics, philosophy and human dignity…it’s awesome and you should check it out) and I have to share it. It’s about one particular woman’s courage to live […]

  • Strength for Today & Bright Hope for Tomorrow

    So, while I was out making gratuitous things (there’s this new project I’m working on), Dwight Gibson called. He left me a message about strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow, and what that means in the presence of doubt, fear, and anxiety. Give it a listen. In the meantime, I should probably call […]

  • Three Reasons I Will Never Set Out to Save the World

    Behold, a repost of mine from a year ago for Q Ideas! It has a lot to do with our activity in the world: 1) what we do, 2) what we think we do, and 3) what God actually does. Maybe you’re like me and sometimes you put a lot of pressure on yourself to […]

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